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5th Ave PMU Academy

Natalia's Goddess BB Glow (PRESALE)


We are launching Natalia's NEW BB Glow online training! Natalia brought it to a new level! This online course will be available October 4th, 2020.

You will learn her unique technique “Goddess Glow” for the highest quality results & stand out against your competition!

During the training, you will also learn:
- Learn BB Glow for PMU artist and esthetician
- BB Glow for Fitzpatrick 4
- BB Glow face contouring

This training includes a theory section and practical section.
Theory part is not only in the PDF format but fully accompanied by Natalia in the video format.

Practical part includes 2 treatment videos with different techniques.

After training you get to schedule a Q&A with Natalia where you can ask any remaining questions.