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5th Ave PMU Academy

The Ultimate Lips Training Package (IN-PERSON)


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The Ultimate Lips course includes both Lip Fundamentals and Advanced Lips, working with Melanin in ONE COURSE! Book the ultimate IN-PERSON PMU Lips course.

Here's a Peek at the Course:

  • Lip Science
  • Color Theory
  • Machine Theory / Ergonomics
  • Fundamentals technique / drills
  • Safe work practices
  • Marketing photography
  • Live Demo
  • Hands-on Model Work
  • Advanced Color Theory & Blending
  • Advanced techniques (contour & shading)
  • Advanced corrective technique (hyperpigmentation & scar)

     Here's a Look at What's Included

    • Lip Blush Fundamentals Certificate
    • Advanced Dark Lips Certificate
    • Course book
    • Practice latex
    • Starter kit and discount on Microbeau machines
    • Kit

    How Long is the Course:

    • 3 Days

    Where is the course located?

    • 5th Ave PMU Headquarters: 290 5th Ave NYC NY 10001

      Don't Forget the Prerequisites 

      About Carla

      Carla Ricciardone is a globally recognized award winning Master PMU Artist, Educator and Speaker. Her Signature PMU techniques for Powder Brows, Lip Blush and Advanced Lip PMU for correction and scar work are unlike any other PMU techniques.

      They are know for producing a perfectly structured lips & brows. With over 5 years experience and more than 40 certifications in PMU and other techniques, Carla combines her extensive knowledge and experience with her unique approach to color theory, machine theory and modern technical skills to create the perfect results for her clients.

      Her students benefit from not only her unique and broad permeant make up experience and signature techniques but her 15 years as a trainer and educator, learning from a teacher with the skills to teach.